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Thank You Healthcare Workers – Not All Heroes Wear Capes!


As a pandemic, it’s easy to view COVID-19 from a global perspective. This virus is undoubtedly affecting our entire planet, but sometimes a macro scale can be paralyzing in terms of feeling like we as individuals can make an impact. There may never be a proper way to express our appreciation to our local heroes, but we believe that small steps can lead to big results. (We’re big on Delivering Results if you haven’t noticed!)

While we’re all feeling the effects in different ways and to various extremes, if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to give you might be asking yourself, “What can we do?”

In April, we took a “field trip” the San Ramon Medical Center to deliver Old Town Danville Bakery goodies to our fearless medical workers. We found a way to #SupportSmall while expressing our gratitude to our neighbors who are dedicating their hours to fight this virus. Gifting goodies to the San Ramon Medical Center was our way of expressing gratitude, but there are many ways in which you can give back as well.

  1. Get takeout from a local restaurant
  2. Reallocate unused budgets to local charities
  3. Buy now, use later gift cards
  4. Grocery shop for a neighbor or elderly person
  5. Donate Blood
  6. Stay at home & help flatten the curve