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      San Francisco Migration to the East Bay Continues!

      As more companies start to offer a more permanent approach to remote work, San Francisco and San Jose residents are continuing to opt-out of city life for the opportunity of more square footage that the East Bay provides.

      “Migration rates are expected to be three to four times higher than normal in the coming years as more companies allow employees to work from home. The highest share of movers will be leaving expensive cities for lower-cost cities, and rural communities, a survey by Santa Clara-based Upwork found.

      At least 1 in 5 residents in high-priced cities say they have already moved or expect to — a possible harbinger of significant change in the Bay Area. More than half of all those surveyed are looking for lower housing costs, and are willing to move more than two hours away from their offices.” What does that mean for those already living in the East Bay? As the demand increases, property becomes more valuable especially in homes that have designated office spaces. “These skilled professionals now have the opportunity of living in “Zoom-towns,” working with colleagues through video meetings while enjoying a lower cost of living in small cities.”

      Source: East Bay Times,

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