Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

Buying or selling a home is not easy — even less so if you want to do both simultaneously. Even when the move is exciting because you have a new opportunity or will be getting a change of scenery, selling and buying a new home can be taxing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work with the same agent to sell your current home and buy your next one, you become more efficient and better able to line up the timeline for both transactions the way you want.

Depending on your needs and timeline to sell and buy a house, some people opt to work with a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent. However, there are numerous benefits to working with one agent who is specialized in both the buying and selling market.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent works in support of their client to negotiate and buy a home. They navigate the housing market and recommend listings based on their client’s needs and budget. Their wealth of real estate knowledge and expert negotiation skills are exceedingly beneficial during the buying process. They can also recommend professionals you may need to hire, such as a home inspector.

What is a seller’s agent?

Some agents specialize in the selling process. A seller’s agent works on the seller’s behalf to price and list their home for sale. Also known as listing agents, they provide numerous benefits, including consultations, marketing strategies, real estate tools, and resources. They can also recommend professionals you may need to hire and help you coordinate home staging and real estate photography.

What is dual agency?

Dual agency refers to working with the same agent to buy and sell your house. Not all agents specialize in both processes. Therefore, when searching for an agent, it’s important to interview those with proven experience working as buyers’ and listing agents. Realtors are trained to ensure the buying process is seamless and as stress-free as possible, regardless of whether you choose to work with a buyer’s agent, a listing agent, or a dual agency.

Lower commission cost

Often, working with the same agent can save you money. Choosing to work with a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent means paying two different rates, as both have their own commission rates and fees. Some agents offer a discount on commission by working just with them. This means you can save money in the long run and retain access to your agent’s breadth of knowledge.

More familiarity with you and your situation

A noteworthy benefit of working with the same agent is the comfort of working with someone you know. Your agent knows your communication style and how to ensure you’re getting everything you want during this process. They will conduct a comparative market analysis to estimate your home’s value, provide information about the demand for homes, and recommend an asking price. Then, they’ll market and stage the home, present offers from potential buyers, walk you through the terms, and offer advice on whether to accept, reject, or propose a counteroffer. Undergoing the buying and selling process simultaneously allows for streamlined communication, as you and your agent will be in direct communication, and they will handle communication between potential buyers and sellers.

Easier transition

Once you are well underway in the selling process, you and your realtor can begin browsing homes for sale in San Ramon. Your agent will scour the San Ramon real estate market, set up tours, recommend listings, and meet all the non-negotiables on your wishlist. The added benefit is knowing your agent’s process and negotiating skills.

Greater negotiation power

Working with the same person when buying or selling your house means you’re working with a person who understands both sides of the housing market. This means they know what buyers are looking for and how other properties compare to yours. Since they can estimate how much money you’ll make on your home sale, they’ll better understand your financial situation and can work with you to find houses in your price range. Buying a home is daunting, and your agent should be there for you to lean on.

Your agent can set up tours and will know the area well to answer any questions about schools, neighborhoods, and zoning laws. Once you find the perfect house, they will help you create a competitive offer and negotiate with the seller on your behalf. They can also recommend other professionals you may need, such as home inspectors or movers.

Less stress

Simultaneously buying and selling at the same time is quite the undertaking, especially if you are pressed for time. Working with multiple agents requires extra communication and a longer wait to get responses, as you’re waiting for them to talk to each other before they talk with you. With one agent, the communication process is streamlined, and you can go to them with any questions and concerns at any time.

Buying and selling a home also requires preparing your home for sale, home tours, securing financing, and browsing listings. Working with one agent who knows what you are going through allows them to offer informed opinions, help streamline the process, and offer advice on how to proceed. In addition, working with a realtor who knows the ins and outs of the San Ramon housing market allows for a smooth transition as you look forward to the next chapter in your life.

Ready to buy and sell simultaneously?

The benefits of working with the same agent when buying and selling your home are numerous, though you want to ensure you are working with an agent who best suits your needs. The Khrista Jarvis Team, an elite agency that was voted the number one team in Contra Costa County in 2021, has decades of experience, so you know you’re working with the best in the field and putting your home in excellent hands. Connect with Khrista Jarvis today for a smooth experience buying and selling your home.

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