Khrista Jarvis Team | Decorate Your Way: Embracing Imperfection in 2017
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Decorate Your Way: Embracing Imperfection in 2017

Decorate Your Way: Embracing Imperfection in 2017

20:20 29 March in Real Estate


As any designer will tell you, trends come and go. It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of every emerging fashion in the design world, and trying to do so is exhausting and expensive. Since the advent of social media, there’s been extra pressure to create spaces worthy of a Facebook-documented dinner party or Instagram #BeforeandAfter snap. It’s natural to want to create a space that you’re proud of enough to want to share with your co-workers, relatives, and maybe even those random friends you haven’t seen since your ten-year high school reunion.

Decorating goes beyond just having an opportunity to “show-off.” There’s a real relationship between creating a space we love and feel good in, and living a happy life. Our environments play a huge impact on our emotional well-beings. Colors, light, and textures create emotional responses and play significant roles on how we feel each and every day. How we choose to decorate and live in our environments plays a huge impact on how we feel. So the next time you feel guilty about falling down a Pinterest dream-kitchen rabbit hole or buying a new wall hanging, just remember that decorating has the potential to add – or detract – real value to daily life.

While it’s good to spend time and energy considering your living space, obsessing over curating a picture-perfect environment can quickly become an unhealthy habit. The highlight reel that is social media often coerces us into thinking our spaces require a major overhaul with the changing of every season. But undergoing complete renovations and redecorations every year, or multiple times a year, just isn’t realistic.

Luckily, over the past couple of months there has been a movement to lift the filter off of social media’s perfection standards. More people are sharing makeup-free selfies and behind-the-scenes looks at what their day-to-day lives are really like. This unmanicured embrace of imperfection is seeping its way into homes now, too.

As any homeowner will tell you, a house doesn’t truly feel like a home until it’s infused with some personality. Here are a few imperfect and inexpensive design trends you can incorporate to breathe new life into your home.

Mixed Materials – Need to update an appliance but don’t want to spend the money on overhauling your entire kitchen? The “everything must match” ground rule has finally been thrown to the wayside. You can infuse your space with new personality by mixing materials and appliance styles.

Faux FinishesFaux is no longer a taboo. Just as it is socially acceptable to wear “vegan leather,” faux finishes in the home are encouraged now, too. Faux materials offer budget-friendly alternatives to your favorite home designs. In choosing a faux-marble finish over the real thing, you can still enjoy your favorite aesthetic without having to sacrifice your savings account.

Less is More – Over the course of the past year, less has truly become more. Chalk it up the Marie Kondo effect or the oversaturation of…well, everything, but today people are truly embracing a minimalist lifestyle. You can give your space just as much of a refresher ( if not more) by decluttering and simplifying your space as you can by adding to it with new pieces. Take the time to truly assess your furniture, decorations, and storage systems and you will likely realize that  Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy philosophy is not a fleeting a trend; it’s become a staple that will save your sanity and budget, while reinstating a love for your space.

Comfort First – Did you know that going out is the new staying in? More and more, people are turning to nesting over partying and embracing the Scandinavian art of Hygge. Give yourself permission to add warmth and comfort to your space. After all, your house is your refuge, so shouldn’t you enjoy  spending time inside?

In 2017, the decorating rule of thumb is that there is no rule. Anything goes…seriously. Your home is yours, and just because it might be more visible (thanks Pinterest and Snapchat!) doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your needs and personality in pursuit of perfection. Perfection is boring, and very 2016.

Perfection is just so, boring. Thanks (perhaps) to an endless array of eye-catching inspiration on Pinterest and Houzz, homeowners are no longer seeking uniform-matchy perfection within their walls. Instead, more people are experimenting with an array of mixed materials, patterns, and styles to truly make their homes feel like their own.

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